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baptism photographer

The baptism photography is a special and unique experience for the little ones. Keep every moment of the mystery through pictures that highlight the young "models"!

The experienced wedding and baptism photographer will capture all the unique moments, emotions and the amazing atmosphere so that they will accompany you every time you open the baptism album!

The shooting process is not just about the actual mystery. Situated discreetly on your side before baptism and after the ceremony, we are willing to follow you to the after baptism party area and to photograph in different areas your little heroes.

A special experience for little princes and princesses. The model of the day may be drowsy, want a hug, want only his mom and dad, run and want to be chased, want to really dive into the round bathtub, we will be there, if he cries we will record it, if you cry we will capture it, discreetly, silently and only for you to have it. Because it's worth it, it's always worth seeing these spontaneous photos with so many alternations. The clothes, the cross, the godfather / s, the grandparents, a tree that is constantly replenished and you name it.

We film with high definition cameras and deliver the final result on dvd and blue ray.

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